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Finance & Mortgage Broking

Thane Finance Pty Ltd

ABN 66 666 497 703

“We want to ‘walk your journey’, ‘hear your story’ and be part of your financial success”

Thane Financial Services carries the mark “Premium Finance Broker” that is to say that we are considered by industry standards a “cut above the rest”. When choosing your mortgage broker, why not choose a Premium Mortgage Broker?

With our focus on friendly service delivery, combined with our level of knowledge gained from decades of experience operating in the Finance Industry, we have been able to demonstrate superior performance year after year.

The head of our group, Andre Thane, has personally settled a staggering number of mortgages since 1999, not to mention the enormous amount of experience that comes with this achievement.

Why choose us?

Andre Thane & Dripal Shah

Senior Partners,
Thane Finance


Ask us for a free evaluation of your mortgage or finance needs.


What is the benefit of using a Finance Broker rather than going direct to the bank?

Banks only have access to their own products, whereas our brokers have access to a panel of 30+ lenders, and the ability to negotiate the most suitable loan for you

What is the cost of an appointment with a Finance Broker?

There is no cost for an appointment.  Typically we do not charge our clients a fee for service, Finance Brokers are paid by through the bank, at settlement of your loan.

How much I can borrow?

It depends on your income, expenses and collateral

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