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Property Management

ABN: 60 154 057 164


“Simplifying the property management experience and looking after your investment for you”

Thane Property Pty Ltd offers the security that market knowledge, experience and honesty can provide.

We have a smaller portfolio than some other agencies, which allows us to concentrate on our level of service and communication between landlords and tenants, to achieve the best results and outcomes for all parties.

Property Management is a specialised area of real estate practice.

  • It deals with complex issues such as:

  • Diversity of property types.

  • Constant and evolving change to legislation and government requirements.

  • Managing tenants and their payments.

This is why you should choose your property Manager very carefully.

What do you get for our Fee*?

  • Initial property condition report and photos

  • Lease renewal

  • Home opens

  • Advertising

  • Routine inspections and reports

  • Final bond inspection

  • Insurance claims

  • Annual Financial summary

  • Tenant enquiries

  • Organise trade quotes

*Our management fee is 10% plus GST, with no additional costs during the lease, administration costs,
petties and postage are also included.

There is a once-off standard Letting Fee of TWO weeks rent plus GST, per tenant lease.


Property team


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How often do you do inspections?

We do inspections every 3-4 months on your rental property and complete any re-inspections as ad when required to ensure your property is well maintained.

Do you offer a flat fee option for landlords?

Yes we do, we often find the flat fee option is very appealing in comparison to sporadic fees plus add-ons which most property managements offer. Our fee structure is very competitive and we have both options of flat fee as a percentage or a fee plus add-ons.

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